The world of romance is filled with danger.  Some partners are as volatile as volcanoes and can take something innocent and turn it into something to cause drama about. Other partners are so wrapped up in what’s going on in their world that they barely comprehend what you say. There are some who don’t take it at all graciously when you show how much you love them, and then there is Mr Pea, the type who would rather deal with a romantic gesture in this way.

Mr Pea says: It’s okay to make your partner blush from embarrassment as long as they feel their romantic gesture is appreciated. 

Mrs Pea says: Know your facts before you try to be romantic! 

Mrs Pea: I feel like a rocket, busting with energy and ready to launch! Do you want to be my moon so I can fly to you?

Mr Pea: Sure baby.

Mrs Pea (getting super excited): Oh! I know!! Let’s be those two rockets that launch together!

Mr Pea laughs. 

Mr Pea: Baby, do you know that you just killed us?


Mrs Pea makes a confused face.

Mr Pea: One of those “two rockets” is used to store the fuel and when the rocket uses up the fuel it leaves it behind to float aimlessly in space forever.  Are you going to use me up and leave me to float aimlessly forever?

Mrs Pea (Desperately trying to save the situation): Oh no! Okay in that case, I’ll let you be the big rocket and I’ll be the smaller fuel tank that gets left behind. I’m willing to get left behind so you can go to the moon baby.

Mr Pea: Baby, the bigger one IS the fuel tank!

Mrs Pea (lost for words and coming to the realisation she should just stop talking): Oh noooo!

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